Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The homework, the studying, the reading, the writing. The cycle never ends. The relief that flows through my body at the conclusion of each exam is extremely short-lived, and long hours of poring over notes and short hours in bed are inevitable. My eyes are bloodshot every morning, and my contact lenses are dry. In a few days, the effects of coffee will no longer hold.

But I am happy. These are all aids to my own success. I am grateful to have books to read, research to conduct, and plays to write, as they are all segments of who I am and who I will be, examples of what I love to do. They are the tools that God wields to shape me into the being He wishes to see before Him.

Tomorrow is my roommate's 21st birthday. And as it happens, the four of us who live together all have exams on this special day, which I'll admit dampens the celebratory mood, but still,

Happy birthday Connie, my optimistic, encouraging, fun-loving roommate!
Tomorrow night will be packed with great memories.